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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Andy-dotes - ages 6-20

Age 6 (1997)
     During the last two weeks we were in England, the extended family (Marge, Linda, Mark, Andy) was in Alaska. While they were gone, a neighbor fed their goldfish. He's a man who has tried to befriend Andy and he told Linda when they returned that he was giving up. He had greeted Andy light-heartedly with, "Your [plastic] dinosaur ate all the fish!" Andy responded scathingly, "That dinosaur doesn't eat fish. He's a herbivore."
     Linda bought Mark the latest in a series of racing car videos called, "They Walked Away From It," for his birthday. Andy watched it one morning and Linda told him to leave it out, so they could keep it separate from the ones like it they hadn't yet seen. Instead, he tossed it into the cupboard with the others and Linda scolded him, "Now we won't be able to tell them apart!" Andy wasn't perturbed. Linda saw him reach casually into the cupboard and waft his hand over the videos without even looking at them.
     "What are you doing?" she asked, more irritated.
     "Feeling for the warm one," he said coolly--and pulled it out. "Here."
     Linda reported this to us with the comment, "Andy hasn't made me look foolish for a long time."

Andy (15) and mother Linda with Pomeranian Keno, 2006

For Keno and the Coyotes, see His Scribe, May 22, 2010.
Andrew (18) and Keno, 2009

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, ANDREW! Today I am thankful you earned your GED! 


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  1. I'd love to meet your Andrew. His young quotes remind me of the things my six year-old says! :) Welcome to the High Calling Blogs network. We're glad to have you aboard!