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Friday, March 18, 2011

HEROES: Urgent prayer request for Naoyoshi Sato and nuclear plant team

Justiniano Urgent Prayer Request - Power Cable  3/17/11                       Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

Dear friends,

Again, our thanks to you for your concern and faithful prayer for all of us in Japan.

I have an urgent prayer request: could you pause and take time now to pray?  This is urgent, but also something potentially victorious.  The biggest concern right now is a worsening of the situation with the nuclear plant in Fukushima.  From the original disaster at the plant, there has been an attempt to bring in an auxilliary power cable needed for pumping sea water in to keep the nuclear fuel rods cool.  If this project can be completed, the potential catastrophe there can be reversed 180 degrees.  The person overseeing this project is a Christian man named Naoyoshi Sato.  This project seems to be much more difficult than anyone expected.  Please pray that the hand of the Lord would be on our brother in Christ so that the project would be successful.  May the Lord be glorified in the resolution of this grave situation.
Here is a recap of areas we can use prayer:
1)  No further damage to the reactors; success for Naoyoshi Sato's power cable project.  The potential for further disaster still looms.
2)  Protection for the many workers trying to control the situation in the high radiation zones, including Naoyoshi Sato and his crew.
3)  Relief for the nearly half million people in temporary shelters with an inadequate amount of blankets and resources to keep them warm, as well as comfort for the thousands grieving who have lost family members.
4)  Wisdom and resources for the relief efforts.  We will be coordinating with CRASH, a Chrisitan Relief Organization to see how best we can be of help.

May those who are hurting sense the Lord's compassion and be comforted.

Grace and peace,
Ralph, for the Justinianos


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