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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Links to my posts on radiation

These posts are all on my earlier blog, His Scribe.

Growing up in Hiroshima - Part 1
and Growing up in Hiroshima - Part 2

Series on our (Reynolds) family's protest of American nuclear testing in the Pacific in 1958, in the yacht Phoenix, posted Sept.14-27, 2010. This link will take you to Sept. 14. (Click on "Newer Post" at the bottom of each page to see subsequent pages.)

The Forbidden Voyage, my father's book about our sailing into the American nuclear test zone in the Pacific in 1958 to protest nuclear testing.

My recently-published book about our family sailing to the Soviet Union in 1960 to protest nuclear testing.

After we sailed to Russia with Love, posted Nov. 13-24, 2010.  Peace and anti-nuclear activities of our family following our voyage to the Soviet Union, including two Peace Pilgrimages to the nuclear powers by survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with my mother, Barbara Reynolds, and voyages to North Vietnam with humanitarian supplies in the Phoenix by my father, Earle Reynolds, during the Vietnam War. This link will take you to Nov. 13. (Click on "Newer Post" at the bottom of each page to see subsequent pages.)

Deals with effects of radiation from nuclear power plants.


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