"You have to work hard to offend Christians. By nature, Christians are the most forgiving, understanding, and thoughtful group of people I've ever dealt with. They never assume the worst. They appreciate the importance of having different perspectives. They're slow to anger, quick to forgive, and almost never make rash judgments or act in anything less than a spirit of total love . . . No, wait--I'm thinking of Labrador retrievers!" David Learn, 1998

Friday, March 25, 2011

Andy-dotes - age 5

April 17, 1996
     The rest of us had dinner at Cha Cha Cha--Andy actually ate (a couple of rolls and some of his mother's ice cream)--and came home for the cruise video and presents. Andy helped me unwrap the presents and tried to move me right along because the only one that interested him was a Calvin and Hobbes book from Ben which had a picture of a dinosaur on the back cover; he had no use for a new Bible, a book on C.S. Lewis, a dress or a vest. Then he announced gravely, "I have another present for you, Jessica. Yesterday I asked Jesus into my heart!"
     "That's a wonderful present, Andy!" I said, leaning down to give him a big hug. This rendered him so shy he ran and hid his face in his father's lap.

October 18, 1996
     Andy won't color. He refuses. He wouldn't make a Dalmatian out of a paper plate, either. Every other kid did, dutifully. He'll do everything else but he won't do things he sees no point in.

Election Day, 1996
     "I've already voted," Linda said into the telephone. "Yes, I voted for him."
     When she hung up, Andy demanded, "Who did you vote for?" Linda named a local candidate.
     "Is he on Clinton's team?" asked Andy darkly.
     "Would Clinton approve of him?"

December 27, 1996
     Andy tested out at a second grade reading level. Linda says his perceptiveness makes a fool of her. Once she pointed out a "big dog" and Andy said, "He's not big, he's just closer to us." (To which Mark, who was also present, groaned, "Oh, no, he knows about perspective!")
     Linda was helping him with his homework, coloring shapes which they would then cut out and paste on a picture. Andy was coloring back and forth wildly across the lines. Linda scolded him for not staying inside the lines, as she was carefully doing.
     "All the scribbles will be gone when we cut it out," Andy countered.
     Relating this to us, Linda said, "I tried to salvage my pride--I hadn't thought of that--by saying, 'Well we shouldn't get in the habit of scribbling,' but that didn't wash with him."

Sunday, December 29, 1996
     Dreamed that Andy, 5, was taken off to jail--probably for refusing to stay within the lines.

Today I'm thankful for Trader Joe's Kobe beef burgers, with grilled onions and mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. We had some last night.


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