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Monday, March 21, 2011

HEROES: Update on Naoyoshi Sato and his team at Nakashima nuclear plant

Justiniano   -   Tsunami Zone Trip   -  March 22, 2011                       Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your faithful prayer; it accomplishes so much and lifts us up!

Tomorrow (3/22), fellow GBIM missionary, Brad Waters, First Responder Matthew Saxton and I (Ralph) have the opportunity to make a special trip out to Sendai, which is the heart of the tsunami disaster zone.  As I've written earlier, we are working with CRASH (Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope) Japan, with the hope of bringing help to the multitudes (over 472,000) who have been displaced from their homes and are badly in need of food, water, blankets and sleeping bags, and other basic needs, as well as emotional and spiritual care.  We have only one base camp in the area, which is not sufficient to send the amount of workers needed.  Our main goal wth this trip will be to work at developing at least 4 new base camps.  We would greatly appreciate your prayer for the Lord to direct us to the people and organizations who can provide suitable facilities, and for the grace to get those base camps established.

Joan and Kelly are also helping at the CRASH Headquarters, so your prayer for their strenglth and stamina is also appreciated.

Here's a quick recap of areas where we would appreciate prayer:
1)  Success in developing at least 4 new base camps for new ministry teams.
2)  The Lord's mercy to those suffering from cold, hunger, and emotional trauma.
3)  Protection and safety during the trip, especially working in zones closer to the nuclear plant; that no new incidents would arise.
4)  That these hardships would move the Japanese to seek the Lord, the giver of life, and trust in Him.
5)  The Lord's grace in the logistics of getting badly needed supplies into the country, temporarily warehoused, and then quickly delivered to those in critical need.  That is a huge job.

With much appreciation,
Ralph, for the Justinianos


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