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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who is This Man? (10th of 12) JESUS: SON OF GOD

                      JESUS: SON OF GOD
    "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!"

1. Do the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) teach that God has a Son? If so, what does it say about Him?
     a. Proverbs 30:4
     b. Psalm 2:7-12

2. When did this Son come into existence? Micah 5:2
3. How long has this Son existed and how long will He exist, according to Isaiah 9:6?

4. What did Jesus call God? 
     a. John 5:18
     b. John 17:1

5. What did God call Jesus? 
     a. Matthew 3:17 
     b. Matthew 17:5
     c. Mark 1:11 
     d. Luke 9:35

6. What did the resurrection prove about Jesus? Romans 1:1-4

7. Who else claimed that Jesus was the Son of God?
      a.  Luke 1:31-35, esp. verses 32 and 35
      b. Matthew 8:28, 29
      c. Matthew 14:22-33
      d. Matthew 16:16
      e. Matthew 27:54
      f.  Mark 1:1
      g. John 1:49
      h. John 11:24-27

8. Did Jesus claim to be the Son of God?
     a. Matthew 26:63-65
     b. Mark 14:60-64 
     c. Luke 22:66-71
     d. John 1:35-51
     e. John 5:24-25
     f.  John 10:30-36

9. What do the Gospels say about the Son of God? 
     a. John 3:16-18 
     b. John 5:21
     c. John 5:22
     d. John 8:36
     e. John 14:13

10. Are all human beings sons of God?
     a. John 1:12, 13
     b. Romans 8:14
     c. John 8:44

11. If we can become sons of God, in what sense is Jesus uniquely THE Son of God?
     a. John 3:16 (Some versions use the phrase "begotten" son)
     b. Romans 8:29
     c. Colossians 1:18

NOTE: In many passages several titles are used equally of Jesus. For instance in Mark 14:61-62, Christ=Son of the Blessed=Son of Man. You should be able to find six titles in John 1, verses 36, 41, 45, 49 and 50 ________=__________=__________=_________=_________=________.

Based on this lesson, WHO IS THIS MAN?

(Continued March 13)

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