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Monday, March 14, 2011


     This morning I received an email from a dear, lifelong friend of my family who lives in Chigasaki (Kanagawa prefecture): "Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for sending mail so soon. On  11, both (son) Tadashi and (grandson) Kenichi couldn't come home. They stayed at their office. But both came back next day and came to see me. Since then both of them couldn't go to Tokyo (to work), so I felt very much relieved. Today, we have sometimes felt earthquakes even here. I think this earthquake is the biggest one since I was born 95 years ago. Please try to understand my broken English.      Sincerely, Masako Fujisaki

     God, we have seen and are still seeing Your power in Japan through earthquakes, tsunami and fires in a terrifying way. Now please reveal Your mercy and omnipresence in a multitude of miraculous ways. Remove fear from the hearts of all survivors; remove anxiety about family members they cannot contact. Re-unite families. Replace panic with patience. Ease physical pain. Move emergency services into place rapidly and provide unbroken lifelines of humanitarian supplies to all who need them. Restore transportation and communication systems expeditiously.
     Personally attend each person or animal alive in the wreckage of the Sendai disaster. Make Your presence felt as peace that doesn't make sense in light of the circumstances. Speak an awareness of Your reality and care to those who are helpless and those who are trapped in darkness. Bring hope through words, thoughts, and dreams.
     Bless and protect relief workers (including canine ones) as they are in harm's way. Give them supernaturally clear minds as they do triage and make decisions. Give them supernatural energy and stamina. Lead rescuers to the living and give them wisdom and strength to accomplish safe rescues. Show them ways to quickly, respectfully dispose of bodies before disease spreads. Bring volunteers who will be of genuine help and keep away, keep off the phones, those who may be well-meaning but will make rescue efforts harder.
     Meet with those that are seeking You through this catastrophe, asking "Why?" and making vows and promises to You. We pray those whom You deliver from death will be faithful to carry out those vows. Keep humble, seeking hearts from becoming embittered. Lead survivors through healthy grieving.
     Motivate those of us who do not have to be affected by this disaster to compassionate and constructive action. Show us ways to help wherever we are. May we give generously and sacrificially. Give us gratitude, God, for what You have given us and for being able to share it in Your name.

Click here for:Japan's nuclear crisis (Updated 11:14 PM Monday)

Press conference with Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC) sponsored by Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo, March 12. Speakers are Secretary-General of CNIC; the engineer in charge of designing the containment vessel; and a research specialist in nuclear accidents.

Ways to help now: JEMA or CRASH Japan.

Throughout the week I hope to address health issues from radiation, specifically questions like whether taking iodine tablets will prevent the absorption of radiation to the thyroid gland, as well as to list additional trustworthy, experienced organizations that are providing help.

Today I am thankful that God is the Blessed Controller of all things.

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