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Saturday, March 19, 2011

HEROES: Note on Naoyoshi Sato and Fukushima nuclear plant

NOTE: Ralph Justiniano, who sent the information for the posts about Naoyoshi Sato and the Fukushima nuclear plant  is the Field Leader for Grace Brethren Foreign Missions in Japan. He says, "I do not know Mr. Sato personally; the information came to me from members of our church and from the evangelical Christian community in our area."
     Ralph, Joan and their family live 140 miles from the nuclear plant. "If we travel up the highway to the quake/tsunami zone for relief work, we drive within 36 mi. of the nuclear plant.  The quake/tsunami zone is approx. a 195 mi. drive from our home."



  1. dear brother and sister,
    this is Kenda from a Christian TV in Hong Kong. any way i can know the name of Naoyoshi Sato's church? i hope to make a telephone interview with the church leader for more details and prayer needs, so that his story can inspire more people. please kindly reply me to kendawong@media.org.hk . thank you.

  2. From my info, it's the Fukushima 1st Baptist Church.