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Friday, March 18, 2011

FIRSTFRUITS from Fukushima!

Sakamoto family, rescued from Iwaki City, near Fukushima nuclear plant
Report from CFN Japan Bible School
March 17, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,
This is a photo taken this morning of the Sakamoto Family, who arrived at Christ For The Nations Japan Bible School last night from Iwaki City, one of the cities where the earthquake and tsunami has hit. Also it is only about 50 km away from the Fukushima Nuclear plant. Everyone arrived in tears of relief and thankfulness to be in a safe and warm place. They hadn’t had a bath for 3 or 4 days, and that’s pretty unthinkable for a cleanly Japanese!

Kiyonori’s Family Have Accepted Christ
Kiyonori Sakamoto, in the center of the picture in blue, and his wife Lena on the far right have been studying at CFN Japan since September last year. They were very worried about their family living in Iwaki City under the threat of radiation. So with permission from CFN Japan Bible School, they invited the family to come and stay at CFNJ as evacuees.

Since the earthquake and the threat of radiation, and Kiyonori sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, all the family members in this photo have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives! From that point on, they started experiencing miracles of provision of water and other necessities plus being able to obtain air tickets to Hokkaido, where CFNJ is. God is good! The family is looking forward to attending church on Sunday, and they are considering getting baptized.

A Harvest of Souls
God is working speedily at this time folks, and we ask you to pray for the harvest of souls. We sense a tremendous spiritual battle going on over souls in Japan. It is time the spiritual strongholds over Japan to be broken, idols to fall, false Gods to be exposed and torn down, so that the captives of Japan can be set free.
Dear Praying Friends, the greatest contribution you can give to Japan is to pray for souls to be saved, be built up, equipped and even sent out to the harvest field around the world! Like Moses of old, please keep your hands of prayer up for Japan. We’re going to win this one with the Lord on our side!

We have been able to help the Sakamoto family with money for food. As donations for the earthquake relief work comes in, we are planning to send the funds to churches and Christian relief organizations working in the hardest hit areas. If you wish to donate online, please give to CFNI mentioned below.

God Bless You,
Gerald Goodall
CFN Japan
International Representative

Today I am thankful that the Sakamoto family is safe and saved!


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