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Friday, December 2, 2011

Windnesday in Pasadena

We took the following pictures. For more pictures and a video, go to yahoo.com/violent-wind-storm-leaves-path-destruction. 
The base of a fir (?) we estimated to be 60 feet long.

This is the rest of the tree. Scroll right to get perspective.
These aren't bushes; half the branches have snapped off and fallen.
    At the end of the 710 yesterday, heading into Pasadena, my husband and I started noticing an awful lot of debris along the road: broken branches and clumps of leaves filling the gutters, palm branches and evergreen limbs extending across sidewalks and out into the streets so cars had to slow down and go around them.
     Then we realized the stoplights at not just one intersection but at every intersection from the 710 into the city were out. Telephone poles were at odd angles and some were snapped in two. Side roads were closed with yellow tape and glancing down them we could see men and equipment working on downed trees, some of them completely across the road.
     Most of these photos were taken along Oak Knoll Avenue.
     We turned on the news and it was the top story: "Wednesday night winds knock over trees and knock out power in Pasadena; schools closed." We were stunned at the size of the trees--some 60-80 feet tall (now long) and at how shallow, almost non-existent the roots were. Some looked as if they had been sitting on coasters.
Some looked as if they had been sitting on coasters.

Same tree, stretching to property line--80 feet long?

Tree felled by 80 mph gusts blocks a side street.

Wind-pushed palms--after the wind died down.
     I also caught a glimpse of two full-sized cows (models, I assume) on a lawn. One of them had blown over. I've heard of people tipping cows--but wind?

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  1. My brother Ted writes, "I can't send you comments because I'm asked for a "profile," whatever that is.
    "I just wanted to say "Wow!" about the trees blown over. (And suggest that, after all, Southern California is still really only a few inches of soil over a barren desert.)

    Ted lives in Michigan.