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Monday, January 23, 2012

Grace under Fire 55: The Cost

UPDATE: This man has been reinstated as a leader of the life group book study, Crazy Love.

     A little over one week ago Watchmen of Grace released to everyone in our church the list of those who have signed to retain the current Statement of Faith. The proposed changes will not even be voted on until February 5 and the current Statement of Faith is still in effect, but the leadership is already punishing those who do not support them.
     The first casualty so far is a young husbamd and father who was scheduled to lead a Life Group. He was told he won't be allowed to lead the group after all because his name is on "that list."
     If any of you are members of Grace Brethren Church and are considering adding your name(s) to the statement supporting our current Statement of Faith, you may want to count the cost for doing so. The leadership will not like you and will not take kindly to your thwarting their agenda.

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  1. Someone once said that if it was God and you on one side, that's a majority.