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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home from Hiroshima - first photos of unveiling

Monument veiled

Nine of us unveil the monument to Mum.
The nine: Me, Jerry, Tony, Dr. Morishita (Chair, Monument Committee). . .
. . . JoAnn and Larry Sims, current Directors of the World Friendship Center; Miyoko Matsubara (female in black) and Hiro Hanabusa (male in black), the two Peace Pilgrims 
who took the message of Hiroshima around the world with Mum years ago. See His Scribe, November 14, 15 and 16. The woman in the foreground I think is named Mrs. Abe but I can't remember her connection to Mum.                                                     

Remembering her.


  1. How I wish we could have gone!! but..I know that we just have to accept whatever the Lord has planned for us. I'll send an email....lots of love and hugs!!

  2. I just beginning to realize what an awesome woman your mother was. She seems to embody what I want for my own life and feel like I have failed to achieve....I want to stand for something, to make a difference, to have a strong purpose.