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Saturday, June 4, 2011

HEROES: Baptisms and weddings in earth-quaked country

Justiniano Mission News:  New Disciples in Tokyo!             June 3, 2011 Click on "Display Images" above.  Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

New Disciples in Tokyo!     

       With all the disaster relief work needed in northeast Japan, it's easy to forget that the Lord is also doing wondrous things bringing unsaved people to faith in Tokyo.
       Yasuhito Kobayashi and Daisuke Sonoyama (pictured at right) started studying the Bible for the first time last September.  They've been faithful participants in the Ouga Restaurant Bible study put on by Ralph and restaurant owner Mima Honda, and this past week, put their faith in the Lord Jesus!  The study is an Interactive Bible Study designed to help participants hear the voice of the Lord through selected passages, and week after week it's been amazing to see both Yasuhito and Daisuke hear the Lord and share their insights.  As the Lord prophesied, they "heard the voice of the Son of God and (now they) live" (Jn. 5:25).  Praise His name!  The two are scheduled to be baptized next Tuesday, June 7th.  Please pray that they grow strong in their faith and lead many others into the Kingdom.

Training TeamTraining Team

New Disciples in Asia

     The Lord is also doing wondrous works in greater Asia.  We've been doing "Dynamic Faith" training to help local Asian believers have a vibrant faith and lead their fellow countrymen into the Kingdom.  After a recent 4-day session, one participant said, "I am not sure if we ever had any similar type training that energized us this much."  Afterwards, participants returned to their countries, and we've already received reports that they have led a number of their countrymen to faith.  Praise the Lord for His miraculous work in bringing much fruit, even in highly resistant cultures.
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Prayer Request Summary:1)  That Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Sonoyama' baptisms would be a great blessing to them, and that they would grow strong in faith and bear much fruit.
2)  That those receiving the "Dynamic Faith" training would be blessed with many disciples, and that they would train them up in the same manner; that disciple-making movements would be spurred.
3)  Please pray for the students and staff at Kelly's school. One of the seniors was killed in an accident on the way to school Tuesday morning so this has been a very hard week, and graduation tonight will have a lot of sorrow mixed in. There were no indications that this young man was a believer, so there is little hope that he is in a better place.
4)  For the supply of our support need.  We will be heading back to the U.S. on June 23rd for 6 months.  If we are supplied with an additional $18,000 of annual support we will be able to return to the many needs and open doors here.
5)  For the rebuilding stage of the relief work in Tohoku (the Northeast).  This is an epic time for Japan.  Tohoku has consistently been one of the least reached areas of least-reached-Japan, but now through the disasters, relief, and rebuilding, we are seeing hearts become open to the gospel.

Thanks so much for your faithful prayer!  You are greatly appreciated.
Peace and grace,
Ralph, for the Justinianos

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  1. This is GREAT!! Guess what? I have a Church here now! Went for the first time today and it was just what I needed. It's a very simple little church...not many members but while I sat in service I felt moved to begin praying that this little church would become a beacon here...A light shining in the darkness...It's called Nogata christian Center...God Bless!!!