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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grace under Siege 76: The little girl in the white nightgown

     Everything looks wonderful on the surface. Joy, unity, healthy, happy, whole church now that most of us have left.
     But under the surface, things are very, very not right. We sense this ourselves and many others have mentioned sensing it. Things aren't what they seem.
     M., a friend of ours with a lot of spiritual sensitivity, described a vision she had first at her mother's house and now that she and her family are living with us for awhile, at our house. In the doorway to the bedroom she is in, she sees a little girl in a long, old-fashioned white nightgown. Long blonde hair. When she saw this little girl in our house the other night, the girl walked into the room. M. was scared of her.
     When M. described this to me I couldn't figure out why such an innocent vision would scare her. A little girl in a white nightgown? How threatening could that be? I prayed about it and got nothing.
     M., her husband and two sons are staying in one of our guest rooms which overlooks the local M*sonic temple. In the middle of every night her two-year old, sunny and cherubic by day, had been waking up crying. He would sit up in bed and scream, "Mama! Dada!" making some unintelligible attempts at speech.
     Since M. is pregnant, due to deliver at any moment, and her husband is exhausted taking care of the boys and looking for a job by day, whenever I heard him I would go into their room and try to help calm him down. If it was nearly morning, he would usually let me carry him downstairs and distract him with breakfast or videos.
     Four nights ago, he couldn't be consoled. He was distressed, refusing all comfort. In his mother's arms, he was pushing her away, pushing away the cup of milk she offered him. This wasn't just separation anxiety due to the fact that he is sleeping in his parents' bed and Mommy had left him for a few minutes to go to the bathroom. M. said, "It's like he's afraid of something."
     Fear. Good point. Maybe he had had a bad dream. The moment we commanded the spirit of fear to leave in the name of Jesus, he relaxed into his mother's shoulder and was asleep even while M. was saying, "It's gone!" He slept soundly (and so did his older brother) through the next two hours of some of the most intense spiritual warfare I have ever experienced. M. was sensing evil coming at us from the temple across the street--like "watchers" with binoculars trying to track us. (We have had to continually pray for God to cover all ungodly eyes and stop all ungodly hearing throughout this battle.)
     We prayed against this cult and its agenda, prayed against the pentagrams people keep seeing associated with our church--hidden in the new foundation, formed by the relationship of objects in the sanctuary, and intended to be formed by the locations of the 50 churches to be planted. We saw M*sonic (demonic) and Ku Klux Klan roots in Long Beach (a fact affirmed by the local Historical Society) and sensed contaminated "pockets of power" at every political level of our country right up to and including Washington, DC.
     As M. and I were praying, she said, "I'm seeing the little girl again!" This time I was aware of her, a shadowy figure (in my mind's eye) entering the room. This time I felt fear, too, though I didn't know why. I asked God who she was and immediately got the word "Deception." I remembered the warnings that beneath what seems good is something very bad. Things are not what they seem.
     I asked God to unmask her, saw the sweet innocent facade peel away and behind it, a kind of ogre. I didn't wait to see more. I commanded it to leave--and suddenly evil entered, huge, terrifying, filling the room to such a degree there seemed no room for anything else. When I am in the presence of witchcraft I feel it as electricity on my hands or even up both arms. Now I was feeling it all over me.  M. and I both sensed Satan himself was there.
     Thankfully, I remembered advice we had been given by a friend who does spiritual mapping. She had told me the spiritual entity ("strong man") over Long Beach is Satan Worship. The god of the Freem*asons is Satan (Lucifer). They call him "the architect of the univ*rse," but his identity is revealed in the higher levels of the cult (after members are thoroughly deceived by mind control). We believe the being behind the bewitching of our leadership is Satan. When I asked my friend how to combat this entity, she had said, "Ignore him. Come in the opposite spirit and worship the Lord."
     At the time I had thought her advice naive and impractical, in light of the battle we were waging against the demonic empowerment of our church leadership. Now, though, in that bedroom at four-something in the morning, it was like being hit with a tsunami. No lesser tactics would work.
     So, hardly knowing what I said, I worshiped God aloud, declaring Him the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the only God, the Almighty, God of all. As I did, M. joined in. We declared the Most High God alone worthy of honor and glory and praise. As the oppression of the evil presence lessened, I dashed into our bedroom and woke up Jerry to join us. M's husband had slept through this, on the bed where we had been sitting. I shook him awake too. It seemed important to get the heads of the two families to take authority over this stuff.
     As we praised Him for another hour or more, we sensed strongholds across the country would be affected by our obedience, our standing in the gap. We sensed there would be revival, people on their faces repenting, and we claimed that.
     Then I prayed for the protection of this familyof four, about-to-be family of five. As M's mother had emailed us, "Thanks for taking the little family in under your roof...really helps them out at a time like this....yup, kinda like Mary and Joseph, eh?  Your home makes the perfect Inn!  Glad you let them 'in'."
     The two-year old now sleeps through the night.
     By the way, my friend who does spiritual mapping had a head-to-head encounter with the devil herself once. She cried out to God for wisdom and He told her, "Put him in a box."
     "I'll need an awfully big box!" she cried out.
     God said, "No, you won't."

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