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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grace Grieving 20: Keith and Ruth Benson

Keith Benson, GBC member since 1972. Elder. Worked with Boys' Brigade and Awana. Served as liaison between GBC and Boy Scout Pack 21, Troop 21 and Crew 21. Helped train and induct 57 Eagle Scouts. Volunteered with 3-year old children's ministry. Served in bus ministry 40 years.

Ruth Benson, GBC member since 1972. Deaconness. Worked with Awana, children's ministry and junior high ministry. Co-wrote junior high ministry curriculum.

     Ruth's father Harold  Dunning had been serving the church as Missons Pastor for two years and led the Adelphian Bible class when the young couple moved in with him and his wife Marguerite.
     Keith and Ruth drove "Mom and Pop" to Grace (First) Brethren every Sunday but Keith didn't want to join because "you have to wear a coat and tie at that church."
     Then someone asked him to help with Boys Brigade at church and find rides for the kids to come to Sunday School. He never looked back. He worked with boys--Boys Brigade was later replaced by Awana, which was for both boys and girls and eventually Keith took over a Boy Scout troop through the church. And he drove the church bus, picking up those boys or anyone else coming to church, for 40 years.
     He finally decided "I might as well join. I'm already serving here."
     Although he officially turned the leadership of the troop over to Dennis Goble a year or two back, Keith never really retired. He kept going to meetings and taking the boys on hikes into the mountains. He helped train Eagle Scouts and had the joy of awarding the badge of rank to their  57th (or is it 58th?) Eagle Scout recently. 
     Gosh, it sounds like Keith and Ruth died--when really they were just forced out of the church by interlopers. 

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