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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grace Grieving 14: Kent and Willina Lueb

     Missionaries, current and former, and former pastors who signed the Watchmen list include Janet Barnes, Richard Byrd, Don Hocking, Paul Hoffman, Dave Riggs, Sylvia Riggs, Kathy Rowell Zorn, and the couple featured below, Kent and Willina Lueb. On this blog, in WOW and the Uprights (Nov. 22, 2011), the Luebs are called "The Uprights."

More victims of Grace for our Wall of Remembrance:

L. Kent Lueb
Attended GBC for 55 years, served as elder for 2 years, Jr Hi Teacher, Minister of Christian Education, 30-year missionary to Holland from GBC.

Willina Coon Lueb
Attended GBC 78 years, Accompanist Jr Choir, Team teach High School, 30-year missionary to Holland from GBC.

The Luebs tried for months to appeal to the leadership to stay true to the Scriptures. They sent out to many of us essays documenting the aberrant teaching based on sources quoted from the pulpit. Finally they were told they are not welcome in this church and they quieted slipped away.

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