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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New cover


     Although I am very grateful to Wilmington College, Ohio, for initiating the publication of To Russia with Love a few months ago, the book I wrote when I was 17, I have redesigned the cover (with the help of my talented cousin Gina Sammis).
     I thought this one would create more interest and curiosity and make a stronger statement than the picture someone else chose of me writing my journal. (See below--what do you think?)
     Now all I have to do is understand the intimidating mass of information on the Lightning Source website for uploading this cover and we'll be in business--hopefully.
     Oh, and there is a 1-1/2 page foreword--making clear who and what the entire book is about!--which was left out by mistake and which the publisher needs to put back in.
     The price will still be $11.95 and all proceeds will go to Wilmington College Peace Center.
OLD cover


  1. I like the B&W cover better - the colour one screams 'self published'. Hope I picked the right one!

  2. Agree w/ Matt, definitely like the black and white one better. I don't care for all the pink on the original cover, to me it screams "silly teenage girl's diary".

  3. Yeah, all of the above. That's how I feel about it (besides the fact that the picture was printed from a slide, backwards--I'm not really left-handed).

    The book was not self-published (that is, by me); it was paid for by the university that initiated getting it published, but it amounts to the same thing. It was designed by amateurs, so, thankfully, it can be redesigned (for a fee)--

    --as soon as Jerry and I figure out how to use the publisher's Cover Generator, with its templates and laminate types and "price-encoding add-on portions."