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Thursday, July 7, 2011

FUKUSHIMA: going on 4 months

     Although we are getting no news in the States that I know of about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, sites like http://enenews.com/  continue to provide daily updates--because the disaster is not only ongoing, it's getting worse. 
     I know accounts about the situation in Japan, like Radiation near school zone 90 times Chernobyl level40 % of Fukushima refugees show internal exposure to radiation; Radioactive whales caught 650 km from Fukushima plant; and mutant rabbit born near Fukushima (VIDEO) or even  Radioactive cesium found in Tokyo tap water, and Radiation in Tokyo 3-4 times level at which Soviets evacuated everyone/Radiation hotspots 500-700 times normal (VIDEO)may be of only incidental interest to those of us in the United States.  
     But what about the following? These are of global concern: 
     Fukushima already at Chernobyl levels-continues to release significant amounts of radiationaccording to  Robert Alvarez, former senior policy adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, June 11.
     And how about these? It's right here in our own communities:
     Very high concentrations of hot particles in Pacific NW during April, May--includes plutonium and americum (AUDIO), June 29 

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  1. I am re-posting this info on my blog, on Facebook and sending emails with a link to your site....thank you for the research....I am shuddering to think what will come of all of this...