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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two successful fledges at phoebeallens.com!

July 2 - Joplin, one of the two humming babies on the most popular webcam online (nearly 3,000 viewers currently), has fledged four times so far--and keeps coming back to sibling Heather! Watch live or watch the videos at www.phoebeallens.com. (Hummers don't normally return to the nest at all.) 
Update: Make that six times! And he's back again! Joplin is making hummer history!
Update: He's come back 12 times, left 13. He stays with hesitant Heather for a few minutes or more than an hour, lying beside her or poking her with his beak. Once he pointedly hogged the nest so she had nowhere to go but--out. Obviously wants Sis* to go with him. She hasn't summoned the nerve to, yet. Still clings to the edge. (*Actually gender cannot be determined for the first year.)
July 3 - 8 AM Update--Heather is still in the cradle. At the moment, she's falling asleep perched on the rim. It looks like she may tumble over backwards and fledge in her sleep! Her brother is still waiting for her, four feet away on a yucca branch.
Update - Heather fledged this morning, just ten minutes after we left for church!
     We watched the video when we came back. She seemed to have a little trouble figuring out how to switch out of reverse--came back to the nest once and tried again--and how to get lift but after wobbling in and out of our view for a few minutes she flew out of sight.
     Observation: Over 1,100 viewers are still watching the empty nest. This is the end of the nesting season, guys. Get a(nother) life until October!

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