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Monday, February 14, 2011

Allen's hummers fledged this morning--watch video

     This morning (Valentine's Day), Bea and then Jay took off from their nest in Orange County. We spent most of yesterday afternoon watching them pace around the edge of their nest, flapping their wings and trying to get up their courage to leave--while between 2- and 3,000 viewers gave them encouragement: "Push him out, Bea!" "Mom, stop feeding them so they'll get hungry and leave!" "We have lift but not off." "Are they still there? Oh, good, had to run an errand and thought I'd miss the fledge."
     You can watch Bea's take-off at 7:10 and Jay's take-off  three minutes later.

     I'd feel bereft--if we didn't have our own Anna's hummingbabies in the tree right off our balcony, running about a week behind the Allen's twins. Wish we had a cam set up so you could watch them with us!

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