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Sunday, January 30, 2011

TWO beaks!

There's not just one new hummingbird in our back yard--but two! (Who is This Man, (5th of 12) JESUS: HIS CHARACTER follows this post)

JANUARY 14  I noticed a hummer nesting in our back yard, not in the nest Hummy and Hummus hatched in (see the Hummy series, His Scribe, 6-14 to 7-6-10) but in the vacant Allen's nest in the tree next to theirs.  I think this is Hummus, the second generation. We had heard that hummers recycle nests. Hummus refurbished this thumbprint-sized one, added a second story. (It's twice as tall as before.)
I believe this is Hummus, one of the Anna's twins who hatched last June.
JANUARY 24  When Hummus was away, I could see something infinitesimal, white and rounded in the nest. Hummingbirds usually lay two eggs but we couldn't see into the other half of the nest to tell for sure.   
Two beaks!

JANUARY 27  I could see a bit of broken shell, then caught the flap of a tiny brown wing. When Hummus flew back to her nest, two tiny golden "V"s popped up to greet her. I watch her insert her beak into each one twice. When the beaks withdrew, she settled down on top of them.  
Every twenty minutes this miracle repeats.

JANUARY 30  Today I took these pictures. Jerry named this pair Humberto and Humberta.
(Who is This Man, (5th of 12) JESUS: HIS CHARACTER follows)

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