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Saturday, January 22, 2011

SANCTITY OF LIFE: A tribute to our family's moms

    Some women in our family chose to give birth to babies in spite of circumstances they could have used to justify abortion. Today I want to honor them.
     Some women in our family had abortions and I want to stand with them in their grief. I grieve the pain of the empty womb and the pain of the emptied womb.

     When Jerry's daughter Julie was 17 he had to rush her to the hospital in severe pain. Emergency staff whisked her away and he waited. And waited. And waited. He went up to the counter and asked, "Where's my daughter? How is she?" All anyone would say was, "She's being examined."
     This went on so long he finally walked out of the waiting room and wandered down the hall looking for her. He finally found Julie lying on a gurney down the hall from X-ray. She was crying.
     He told her he'd been waiting quite a while and no one had told him anything. He asked what was happening.
     She said, "I'm pregnant. I thought you knew and you didn't want to see me."
     He held her and let her cry and told her he loved her. Then he sought out the doctor and demanded to know what was going on.
     "It could be a tubal pregnancy," the doctor told him. "It's so small we can't find it but if the Fallopian tube bursts, it could be life-threatening. Something needs to be done right away."
   Jerry had the distinct impression that the doctor intended to cut him and her mother out of their daughter's life before they had a chance to find out about the pregnancy, at the moment of her greatest need. Julie agrees. "They would have (aborted the pregnancy) if I had wanted that. Dad would have never known."
     Julie signed permission to have a laproscopy done to check the Fallopian tube and Jerry took Julie home that afternoon. He told her, "We'll stick by you, whatever you decide."
     Eight months later, Jerry was his daughter's partner of choice in the delivery room.
Cheryl, on her wedding day, hugging birth mother Julie.
     The pregnancy wasn't  tubal. It was Cheryl.

Today I am thankful we will meet the unborn members of our family in heaven. 


  1. jessica..did you ever see the video, "the sllent cry" about abortion?
    in canada when we finally got a christian tv station, they showed that heart wrenching video made by a man who had performed many many abortions and a man that finally had a change of heart he made the video..
    well they only showed it a few times and then it was yanked out of the channel.
    you can find it if you google it.
    if you have never seen it, it will really be disturbing but i think that people should see it jessica....love terry

  2. Terry, I own a copy of The Silent Scream. I actually included the story of that documentary and that abortionist's change of heart in my novel Compelling Interests--and the producer of the film recently asked to have a copy of the book and later told me he has passed it on to another producer friend of his and--I'm waiting to see what God will do!