"You have to work hard to offend Christians. By nature, Christians are the most forgiving, understanding, and thoughtful group of people I've ever dealt with. They never assume the worst. They appreciate the importance of having different perspectives. They're slow to anger, quick to forgive, and almost never make rash judgments or act in anything less than a spirit of total love . . . No, wait--I'm thinking of Labrador retrievers!" David Learn, 1998

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cherokee's Memory Book, Chapter 4

     On March 2, 2004 something very exciting happened in our family.  A new puppy--I mean, a new baby--was born. Your Daddy and Mommy named you Katherine Jessica Padilla. This is when Grandma Jessica became Grandma. Before that she was just Jessica.
     By this time Grandpa Rick was in heaven but soon you had Grandpa Jerry.
     Grandpa and Grandma went to Oklahoma to see you as often as they could. Then they brought you out to California and that's when you met me.

     Grandpa Jerry already had three grandchildren, Cheyl, Jessica, and Jacob. They came over to play in the Jacuzzi with Andrew. Of course I had to check them out, too. I love to play with children. We would play tug of war with an old towel or they would throw tennis balls for me to chase. When I brought the ball back to them I didn't want to let go. The harder they tugged on the ball, the harder I would bite down on it.

     My favorite game of all was escaping out the front door whenever I could and having as many people as possible chase me. I would run all over the neighborhood. chasing cats and barking at other dogs. At first Grandma and Grandpa and friends, and neighbors would run after me, offering me cookies and holding my leash, asking if I wanted to go for a walk. I finally learned if they ignored me it wouldn't be any fun for me any more so I would just come home and sit on the porch with my big blueberry-colored tongue hanging out--you can always tell if a dog is a chow because only chows have blue tongues--and wait for someone to open the door and let me in.
     Grandpa and Grandma took me for a walk along the beach on their second anniversary. I liked that. I tried to chase the sea gulls.
     Another time we walked to the park to listen to a concert. Lots of people were sitting on the grass and almost everyone had a dog, all kinds of dogs. I got so excited I jumped and lunged and barked so loudly no one could hear the music so we had to go home.
     Sometimes I would run upstairs which was a big no-no!!! The cat would run under the bed.      Once I sneaked upstairs and found two stuffed bears to steal. I took each one downstairs and out my dog door. That was the only way Grandma knew I had been upstairs.
     The only other times I went upstairs was when there was thunder. I was afraid of loud noises and I ran upstairs when I heard them so I could be near Grandpa and Grandma. They would pat me and tell me everything was all right.

        This picture was taken the only time I ever went to church. It was for the church directory. The photographer took this with a loud noise and a bright flash of light. I was so startled I jumped and turned completely around. If the photographer had taken the picture one second later, it would have been a picture of my fluffy bottom.

Today I am thankful for walks in our neighborhood.

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