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Saturday, May 21, 2011

NOW POSTED: Mum's last book, The Story of Leopons

     My mother was the author of a murder mystery and then several books for children. Her last children's book, The Story of Leopons, was non-fiction, written with Hiroyuki Doi, Director of the Hanshin Park Zoo near Kobe, Japan.
     Leopons tells the zoo's experience crossing a male leopard with a female lion and it is full of delightful photos of the five furry little results. The cubs (two sets of them) could climb trees like their dad and swim like their mom.
     It has been 44 years since the book was published so it may not quite be in the public domain yet but it is long out of print and not a copy is to be had on amazon.com. So I have taken the liberty of posting it for you online at
     For more information see Leopons, Hanshin Zoo as well as Mum's books on His Scribe. You can also Google "Leopons.")

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