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Thursday, July 21, 2011

MEXICAN BORDER (1): Zeta gang leaders being saved!

Dear Friends with a heart for Mexico,
     Our Hispanic friend Irma, originally from Harlingen, now a pastor's wife here in Long Beach, told me this morning God has been working in the hearts of Mexican criminals of the Zeta gang. As you probably know better than I, this gang has grown to 2,000 violent ex-military who are taking over the drug cartels by force. They have no religious or political "ism" to promote, like communism, socialism, or Islam, no agenda other than seizing and maintaining power and money. 
     Some time ago, a pastor in Matamoros had a vision to plant churches (Irma can't remember the specific number--"50? 300?") on the Mexican side of the border. Through this ministry, she knows of three of the Zeta gang who have given their hearts to the Lord. All three of them said they were tired of living the lives they are living. 
One received Christ through Irma's uncle, a retired master plumber from Corpus Christi who mentors and disciples Mexican pastors, going to Harlingen frequently to help plant these churches along the border.
     A second Zeta soldier came to a church in Matamoros when there was no service taking place. He found the janitor and told him, "Pray for me. I keep seeing all these dead people. I'm going crazy. I need prayer." The janitor went and got the pastor, who led him to Jesus Christ.
     In another Mexican town along the border, a Zeta cartel leader came with his henchmen and demanded of the pastor, "How come you're driving a nice car?"
     The pastor said, "I'm a pastor. I'm the son of a king."
     The soldier threw a wad of money on the table before the pastor and said, "I'm tired of this life. I want more. I want peace. I want what you have."
     The pastor answered, "I don't want your money." He slapped the drug lord on the left side of his chest and said, "God wants your heart!"
     At this, the drug lord's men came from all sides and grabbed the pastor but their leader told them, "Leave him alone." Then, to the pastor, "I'll do whatever you want me to do." And he gave his heart to the Lord.
     Irma thought it better not to mention names, other than hers, because of possible reprisals.

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